Alta Vista Advertising

Netsmartsales (UK) Ltd are official resellers of Alta Vista banners, text links and skyscrapers. And can now offer these amazing promotional advertising products on the Alta Vista search engine in the Uk.
By advertising on Alta Vista, it will give your business exposure on one of the UK's leading search engines.
Banners are at the top and the bottom of the search page and appear on subsequent pages.
Sky Scrapers take the entire right hand column and can revolve 3 times giving you effectively three adverts for your product or services, and appear on subsequent pages.

By purchasing either a banner or skyscraper or both on the AltaVista search engine, we guarantee that whenever your search phrase is typed in you will appear in your chosen position.

We are now offering the most popular searched terms, and are available on a first come first served basis and can only be sold to one company. Single phrases can be purchased as well as single or plural phrases. i.e. flower, flowers.

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