Position Plus
Position Plus is the ultimate in web promotion products and completely unique. This product is designed for companies who are looking to promote their website in a highly focused way on major distribution medias at a fixed annual cost.

Holistex Limited have developed Position Plus to give businesses an online presence, which will drive highly focused traffic to their websites.

These phrases are submitted to the search engines as featured or sponsored sites. The key phrase, description and a direct link to your website will appear on the first page of the distribution medias as a featured or sponsored site.

Submission to the distribution media is completed only once, the phrase is exclusive. We monitor your positioning to ensure your website is maintained in the sponsored or featured links. This is a direct paid for submission, there is no need to optimise or change your site.

It is no secret that to maintain a high ranking on search engines is difficult, you can spend thousands of pounds optimising your site making it search engine friendly and then search engines change the way they index, all the hard work and money spent has been for nothing.

Holistex Limited work with companies to identify focused key words, these keywords are not highly generic keywords which will bring thousands of visitors to your website, but keywords which are highly focused and will bring only the traffic in search of your goods or services.

Position Plus takes one key phrase of up to 140 characters and a description of the website up to 190 characters (including spaces), which are then submitted to the distribution media as featured sites.

The key phrase, description and a direct link to the website will appear at the top of the search engines as a featured or sponsored site.

For a one off fee, Holistex will maintain your positioning for a 12-month period or a specified number of clicks whichever, you achieve soonest.

Following is a list of the likely search engines that you may be able to find your site listed on but this is by no means a finite list and is subject to change without prior notification.

192.com www.192.com
4 The Net www.4thenet.co.uk
Abrexa www.abrexa.co.uk
All the Web www.alltheweb.co.uk
ASK Jeeves www.ask.co.uk
Beegoo www.beegoo.com
British Businesses www.britishbusinesses.com
Channel 4 www.channel4.com
Ciao www.ciao.com
Claranet www.claranet.co.uk
Dooyoo ww.dooyoo.co.uk
Espotting www.espotting.com
Euroseek www.euroseek.com
Financelink www.financelink.co.uk
Free UK www.freeuk.co.uk
Great British Pages www.great-british-pages.co.uk
IC24 www.IC24.com
IXQuick www.ixquick.com
Lycos www.lycos.co.uk
Moonmist www.moonmist.co.uk
Netscape www.netscape.co.uk
O2 www.o2.co.uk
Search Engine www.searchengine.com
Search Gate www.searchgate.co.uk
Search UK www.searchuk.com
Shopper UK www.shopperuk.com
Shopping.net www.shopping.net
Snoop 4 www.snoop4.com
Supanet www.supanet.com
The Web www.theweb.com
UK Online www.ukonline.co.uk
UK Plus www.ukplus.com
Yahoo UK & Ireland www.yahoo.co.uk

Position plus is available from just £299.00
We guarantee your positioning on at least 15 of the above search engines.
Contact us now to register your website. Please do not hesitate to call if we can be of any further help to you.
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